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New updates and improvements to helloflea

Your agendas are now connected 🤝

Hey there 👋,

With our newest update, we're bringing some more flow into your 1:1 meetings to help you have even more impactful and connected discussions:

With that comes a new agenda structure:
  • Progress Review: Your previous action items to share updates.
  • Previous Open Topics: Address unresolved discussions from your last meeting.
  • New Talking Points: The results of your recent check-in's.
  • Next Actions: Create new action items and set yourselves up for success.

For each new 1:1 meeting, we ensure continuity by carrying over any unresolved topics, making every conversation meaningful and connected.

From old to new ;)

This approach also applies to action items, ensuring continuity and care: Old action items are seamlessly carried over, creating accountability and guaranteeing that nothing falls through the cracks as you move forward together.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to share your feedback 🤗

Cheers 🤙, 
Thomas & Sebastian